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Self-Portrait Business Expenses

So I want to get one of those nifty Wacom tablets, but I don't have the $400 bucks for one. You know, this is the problem with the system. There are undoubtedly countless individuals out there with so much talent (not to say I'm super-awesome or anything), and the only thing holding them back is a lack of cash. Whether it's art, music, a store they want to open, whatever, it all comes down to money. I'm trying to figure out how to write some of this stuff off as business expenses and hopefully catch a break, but I'm not even sure how to do that yet. Even though it does suck sometimes, I still believe capitalism is the best system in the world. People actually have to *gasp* work for what they want, instead of getting handouts. Um, well there is the welfare system, which is basically in opposition to capitalism, but otherwise it works pretty good. It's just most difficult when you're starting out.

Now, what can I sell on Ebay for some quick cash?

Saturday, January 15, 2005